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Mini Bin Laden------------Why America will win?
WTC 2005------------------ Osama on Crorepati   
Instant Anthrax----------- Osama 's Side mirror

Secret Message for Bush

Anthrax From Al-Qaida             Kabul Forecast
*Fax of Anthrax to Americans                                      * Forecast of Kabul For next few days
*OOPs!!Your girl friend is pregnant                              * King Kong to defend WTC

 Joke of the Year                                   Bush on TIMES Magzine

 America Under Attack                 Why Young people dies?
*Mr Been Laden                                                        * 3 Pictorial proof . Check this out!
*Uncle Bush 
                                                                  bcoz of girls

America Under Attack              What are **GIRLS**?
New Usama's Dollar                                                 * Girls = Evil (Mathematical Proof)
*Home Alone 2(Starring Usama)                                 * I Love you...........
*No way to escape(Starring Usama)

Gen Pervez Musharraf                Atal Bihari Vajpayee
*Musharaf on 100 Rs Note                                        *Vajpayee in Matrix
* Musharaf Dulhaniya Le jayen gay                             * Vajpayee clean head shave            
* Musharaf & Benazir

Bollywood Old/New                      Celebrity Old/New
* Shahrukh Khan                                                          * Shoaib Akhtar
* Hritik Roshan                                                             * Sonia Gandhi
* Govinda

Nawaz Sharif                                  Desi Pictures
Yeah Baby                                                                 * Apna Apna Style
* I'll be back                                                                 * Aamir Khan
* Special lettter from Al-Nawaz                                     *Which way u will go?

Nawaz Sharif II                             Naya Qaumi Tarana
* Nawaz in Baywatch                                                    * New Pakistani National Anthem
* Nawaz in panga                                                          * Biwi Pakistan gayee (ghazal)

Cocktail Nawaz                             Seven Stages Of Man
* PM with a cocktail Shareef                                        * Night chatters tragedy
* Application for Prime Minister                                    *Kyo kii....Bandar bhi kabhi insan tha

Hotmail(Urdu)                             Bill Gates & Windows

Gillete & Ctrl+Alt+Del
* A cat advertising for Gillette                                          * What u do when u got frustrated?
* Snake's Problem                                                           *Kajol & Dracula Kajol

 Comedy Ghazal # 1                  Comedy Ghazal # 2
*Kaash, mae tere haseen DESKTOP....                        * Tension
*Unke affair ka bus itna fasana hay.........                       * Nakam Ashiq

 This is America                      Windows Error Messages 
*Statue of Liberty
*Bush ka burhapa


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